Don't just stand there, throw me the ball!


Woof Woof! 

Welcome to MarleyTheDog.Net - the network home of a very special Border Collie, if I do say so myself!  How are you today?  Good!  Now lets get started....

My master (well, that's what he thinks) has been after me for quite some time to put together a place where others could see photos and videos of me and read about the goings on in my life.   I guess its all those compliments I get while we are outside playing Frisbee or bally or just on a walk - "He's so handsome!"   "Aww..he's really cute!".   I know I'm suppose to be flattered but I'm not all about good looks!  What makes me really happy is when they say "How did he catch that!"  - a good question the way some of you throw my frisbee!

So here you have it.  In the About section is a little history about me and where I'm from and the News area should keep you updated on recent events and my travels too.   Gee don't all those words get boring?  Master keeps telling me I should learn to read but who wants to sit around all day when you can go outside and run around?  The Photos and Video section are just that - lots of pics of me running around outside and playing ball or Frisbee or hiking in the woods.

Now some of you seem not to have seen a Border Collie doing his thing before so I've also made some souvenirs available so you won't forget!  Just click on the link to Souvenir Shop where you'll find T-shirts and lots of other things with great images of me.   There is also a Contact link if you would like to send me a message.  I'll try to reply as soon as I can get master to type in what I'm barking back to you.

Lastly, I've heard there is story about another dog running around out there trying to look all cute and cuddly using the alias Marley.  And a Labrador no less!   So lets just be perfectly clear here:  I am a Border Collie and I've been running around getting you humans to ooh and ahh over me long before that other dog's story showed up.  I may have a few quirks but I don't eat everything in sight or drool all over the house like those dogs do! 

Thanks again for looking at my photos and video and if you like, don't be shy about taking home souvenir!


my pawprint

Woof!   Woof!




Marley is a real dog named Marley (after Bob, thanks!) and is not related in any way to the dog in the story "Marley and Me" nor is this website related in anyway to any publication or media concerning that book.